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The largest tournament on the Macker tour – the Ludington Gus Macker!

Sign up for the Ludington event for just $45/person ($180/team). If you register before February 1st, each player will receive a gift card to Stix Restaurant in Ludington that adds up to a total of a $20 gift card for the team. In addition, this year, there will be a commemorative coin celebrating the 32nd year of the Ludington Gus Macker and the 50th year for Gus Macker in general. Sign-up today before, as this tournament is expected to fill up.

In the vibrant town of Ludington, where the love for basketball knows no bounds, a remarkable chapter in the Gus Macker saga was about to unfold. Dr. Andrew Riemer, the visionary behind Riemer Eye Center and Stix Bar, joined forces with the charismatic Chris Nicholas, the owner of 102.7 WMOM and 99.9 WHCH Radio, on a mission that would redefine Ludington’s basketball legacy.

Their shared passion ignited a spark that would aim to make the Ludington Gus Macker not just an event, but a grand spectacle – the largest and most thrilling Macker tournament. With an unwavering commitment to community, they sought the blessing of the Ludington City Council to take the helm.

As the torchbearers for Ludington’s beloved tournament, Dr. Riemer and Chris Nicholas envisioned a revival that would surpass all expectations. With the council’s approval, they embarked on a journey to orchestrate an event that would capture the hearts and minds of not just Ludington but enthusiasts from far and wide.

June 15th-16th, 2024, along the beach of Lake Michigan in Stearns Park, Ludington will resonate with the cheers of teams and the vibrant energy of a game that has become a tradition and a testament to the enduring spirit of the community. The anticipation is palpable as Ludington will come alive with the heartbeat of a community united by the love of basketball. Dr. Riemer and Chris Nicholas had not only accepted the responsibility of guardianship; they set the stage for Ludington to shine as the epicenter of a spectacular Gus Macker destination tournament along the lakeshore.

In the realm of exciting opportunities, here’s your golden ticket! Sign up before February 1st, and unlock an exclusive world of perks. A limited edition Gus Macker commemorative coin celebrating the 32nd year and on the flip side highlighting the 50th year of Gus Macker and $20 in gift cards just for you. Don’t miss out on the magic – secure your spot now and revel in the extraordinary before February 1st. The game is on, and the rewards are legendary!


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