Here’s a Ludington Gus Macker Update:

As part of our goals, outlined when we decided to continue the Ludington Gus Macker was keeping the community and participants informed as we go. As we work on the Ludington Gus Macker weekend, we’ll share as many of those details with you. It’s important to us because we want you to be part of the Ludington Gus Macker for years to come.

With that said, we have signed the agreement and have made it official that the Ludington Gus Macker will continue in 2024 and hopefully for another 31 years. Business owners Chris Nicholas of 102.7 WMOM and 99.9 WHCH as well as Dr. Andy Riemer of Stix Bar and Riemer Eye Center are ready to organize and sustain an event that you can be proud of. An event that the local community can volunteer for, local businesses can look forward to with visitors eating, dining, staying and shopping and 3-on-3 basketball teams from all across the region (and right in our backyards) participating in and talking about their experience in Ludington, Michigan.

As part of this investment, Chris will lead a committee, that has already started to form. Both Andy and Chris are ensuring, financially, that the Ludington Gus Macker is sound and stable and establishing budgets that will allow the Ludington Gus Macker to live on. For this reason, both Chris and Andy have agreed to roll over any remaining funds, each year, raised by the Ludington Gus Macker to the next year and have agreed to be paid $0.00 in return for their time, commitment and investment to this event and community. Truly, this allows the registration fees and sponsorships dollars to be reinvested into the local community through contributions to groups, non-profits and services.

In addition, we have worked with both the Ludington Police Department and the Department of Public Works on costs that would have normally been absorbed by the city (and tax payers), and have agreed to budget those amounts as part of the expenses of the Ludington Gus Macker. We have also agreed to recruit additional volunteers to help offset the time commitment required by both of these groups so they can enjoy the weekend just a bit more.

The Ludington Gus Macker will still need your support which includes registering early for next year’s event (registration to open soon), volunteer whether you are a group or individual (online volunteer sign-up will open soon) and for business to continue to sponsor the Ludington Gus Macker because those dollars raised will support local non-profits and other groups in the area and the more we can raise the more we can give back to these groups.

We have so much to share with you as the weeks and months unfold. We want to thank the City Council and City of Ludington for supporting the Ludington Gus Macker efforts.

If you’re planning on joining us for the Ludington Gus Macker, let us know and show your support. If you want to volunteer during the Ludington Gus Macker weekend, June 15th and 16th 2024, let us know. Either way, we are excited about the future and for you to be part of it all the way. Look for additional updates soon…

– Chris and Andy

(photo left to right: Suzanne DeMott – Ludington Gus Macker Business Relations. Dr. Andy Riemer – Ludington Gus Macker Organizer/Partner. Chris Nicholas – Ludington Gus Macker Organizer/Partner. Scott “Gus” McNeal – Gus Macker National. Patty Donovan – Gus Macker National).


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